– NEWSLETTER 11/02/2023 – 1-Click Concert for Renaissance Celebration

This is the second of our series of nine we send on a bi-weekly basis. Today, with our Renaissance Celebration, we continue to explore with you the major periods of Western classical music.


We hope you will enjoy collecting these introductions to each of the periods of the classical music canon. We invite you to play each One-Click Concert presented within each release. Also, please explore the representative album we selected for you below. (Subscribers can play the entire recordings without limit. Otherwise, you may be limited to 1-minute clips. So, if not already a subscriber, subscribe to the site!)  Towards the bottom of this letter, you can find a link to Learn More which will bring you to the corresponding page on our site, where you can explore the main composers, works, and performers & ensembles best representing that period. Let’s Learn and Enjoy together!

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